Helping Out

How you can help at Andrew Cohen House

Do I need Residential or Nursing Care?
We will send an experienced nurse and our own Social Work team to assess your individual requirements before you come into the home.

How do I fund my stay?
At present anyone who has assets in excess of £20,000 ( including property, shares, cash savings etc) must support themselves until their assets drop to this figure. Those who have less than this sum are eligible to apply for Local Authority funding. Our Social Services department will help and discuss with you and your family the best options available.

What belongings can I bring with me?
We encourage residents to make their room their own with photo, ornaments and furniture as long as they can be fitted into the room as there is obviously a limitation on space. All items must meet current Health and Safety guidelines.

I have no close family or friends, who will act for me?
A member of the Social Work team will act for you if you wish.

Do I have to be Jewish to live at Andrew Cohen House?
We welcome non – Jewish residents wishing to live in a traditional Jewish environment. You can be visited by your own ministers at any time.


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