Your Home - A Way of Life

There are lounges and dining rooms on both floors and a further dining room for the more frail residents. The wide corridors throughout the home give a feeling of spaciousness.

Dining In

Meals times are an important part of each day and we will strive to make each one an ‘experience to savour’. Menus change according to the season. We have 'themed days' such as French and Italian or special days when we celebrate events - Wimbledon, Halloween.

Tea, coffee and other hot drinks as well as snacks are available at all times.

Meals are prepared in our own kitchens and chef welcomes talking to you about your likes and dislikes.

Residents are encouraged to come to the dining room for meal times but it is their choice if they wish to eat in their room.

Chef is always delighted if family members want to sample the food!

Living Out Set in its own magnificent gardens, there is no need to stay inside all the time. Have a walk amongst the flower and rose beds or just sit on the many benches and admire the work of mother nature.

Why not take tea outside with your family when the sun is shining.

There is even a residents’ garden patch where you can grow some vegetables or fruit!

If you feel more energetic, at the back of the home is the River Rea walk.

This leads to the local park one way or towards the world famous Bourneville Village and Cadbury’s in the other direction.

Services In There is no need to go out to be pampered and look a ‘million dollars’- our own hair dressing salon does just that! All you need is to book an appointment and you will be ready to greet the family.

We don’t forget the hands as we have regular visits by a manicurist who will give you a mini-manicure and do your nails. Our chiropodist will leave you walking on air when she finishes your treatment.

Our in house laundry ensures that you always have clean clothes. As long as they all have  your name sewn on, your favourite garment will not be lost!

Jewish Ethos

The Jewish ethos of the home is maintained by keeping Jewish traditions and by ensuring that our staff appreciates what this means to the residents.

Religious services are held on Friday evenings, Shabbats and all Jewish festivals in our own synagogue followed by a Kiddush. Festivals are enhanced by the serving of traditional foods. Seder Nights are celebrated for the residents and family and friends are encouraged to attend.

We have our own Rabbi who is always available for all residents to discuss any religious matters.

Residents’ observances will vary but respect is given to all and non Jewish residents can be visited at any time by their clergy and have services/communion in their own room.

Dining In

Living Out

Services In

Jewish Ethos - Seder Evening

I would like to thank you all for your kindness and generosity of spirit and effort and wish you all good health and every happiness...
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