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I would like to thank you for your care and kindness to my Mother, Peggy Hamilton Smith.
It was a great relief to me, so far away in Newcastle to know that she was in such gentle hands and among such loving and caring people. It was a short stay- too short to get to know you all properly, on my visits down to Birmingham.

I gratefully remember Sonia and Tracy and Amanda, Arthur and Ceasar- and other dear faces that I cannot stupidly recall names for.

Well thank you all I am writing on behalf of my sisters as well, Mandy and Stephanie We wish you all the best for the future

Mrs Lindsay Jones- Newcastle

Sadly, my father Issac Barki (Rm 57) died on August 28th.
Bruce and I would like to thank all the staff involved in his care during a difficult time for him & for us, whilst a resident at Andrew Cohen House. There are so many people to thank but a special “thank you” to Ineita who was a star- both kind and patient with him, and of course his main carers (Daniel & Red) and of course Maria, who always took time to talk to him. He appreciated that very much.

Bruce and Loretta Paterson

Thank you very much for the care and love you gave to Marjorie during her 3 year stay.
Also for making the family welcome too, we really appreciated everything that was done to assist Marjorie to end her days in a dignified manner and in the end her wish to ‘just go to sleep’ was granted

Family of Marjorie Parker

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks for all the love and care which you showed my friend Simone Livingstone during the time she lived at Andrew Cohen House. These last two years of her life were tough ones for her as she saw her health and independence seep away at a greater rate than previously. Whenever I visited Simone she commented on how fortunate she was to be cared for so lovingly.

I do not know all her carers by name and I apologise for that but they will know who they are and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. It was reassuring for me to know that she was not alone and that care and company was always on hand. I am particulary grateful to Anita who sat with Simone on July 9th as she died.

I would also like to thank Tracey and Mark and all the staff who always made me feel very welcome and were always on hand to give support and advice. It was lovely for me to be at prayers said for Simone and I can only echo the words of the Nrabbi about the importance of cherishing people and loving each other throughout the good and bad times of life.

I would like to thank you all for your kindness and generosity of spirit and effort and wish you all good health and every happiness.

Sheila Wyatt

I write to say THANK YOU ALL to everyone at Andrew Cohen House.
Moving Mummy there back in November 2008 was a hugely difficult decision, we looked at many homes and it did give us peace of mind having her so contented, and enabled us ( after years of caring for Mum at home) to get on with our daily family lives without constantly worrying. I have absolutely no doubt that mum was truly happy there and my visits were always a pleasure as we saw mum always content and well cared for. I know mum was also fond of the staff who cared for her.

It is a shock still as I was with mum only a few days before she died and she was so well and very aware, however we consider ourselves very fortunate that mum passed away so peacefully and we truly believe mum is in a better place now with Dad.

Thank you again to everyone concerned, from the Chef who made cakes for mums birthday parties for our family children who visited regularly, the hairdresser who took time with mum each week and especially the staff that cared tirelessly for mum on a day to day basis, you do a truly amazing job and make a difference to so many lives Thank you for being so committed

Diana Fiveash
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